Monday, 23 January 2017

Wooden Furniture: Makes Homes Even More Alluring

For some years now, wooden furniture have been considered as materials that are ideal for furnishing purposes in living and working spaces. Apart from serving their basic objective of making places suitable to live and work in, these also provide a look that can be termed as exotic, thus making homes and offices look more exquisite and alluring. As a result, these have surpassed steel furniture as the favored choice of people.

Wooden Furniture
Wooden Furniture
Further, the prices of furniture made of high quality wood have dropped considerably, thus what was once out of reach of a majority of people can now be bought by them.

Whether it be as chairs, sofas, dining tables etc, wooden furniture are available in all forms today, with a lot of people now thinking of them as a style statement for their homes and offices. Moreover, these are also the preferred choice of interior decorators as they go about intricately working on their projects. One more noteworthy thing here is the fact that as compared to furniture made from steel, these can be customized to a much greater degree, ensuring meeting of all requirements, even the most unusual or distinctive ones.

Types Of Wood Used To Make Wooden Furniture

Broadly categorizing, wooden furniture can be made from two major types of wood, hardwood and softwood. Some examples of are :

  •     Oak
  •     Maple
  •     Mahogany
  •     Teak
  •     Walnut
  •     Cedar
  •     Juniper
  •     Pine
  •     Redwood
Wood Furniture
Wood Furniture

How Are Wooden Furniture Manufactured :
  •   Raw wooden logs are processed into rough cut lumber. Afterward, the lumber is graded according to its tree specie, thickness and length
  •   Then the lumber is put into kilns which are heated with steam. The lumbers are kept there until they dry to a moisture content of 6-8 percent. This process can take up to 30 days
  •   After the drying process, the lumber is put into a rough mill where it is cut, planed, glued into panels to make them fit for use in furniture making
  •   The wood panels are generally sent to finishing mills to make specific furniture parts
  •   After they are made into specific parts, they are generally UV treated for UV resistance
  •   The final step is the assembly of specific parts by applying glue and afterwards keeping them together under pressure. Upon the completion of this process, screws are driven into each joint.
Features of Wooden Furniture:
  •   All wooden furniture are designed with specific focus given to ensuring that they are resistant to moisture and UV rays
  •   These also are resistant to scratches, chips and winding
  •   These have optimal tolerance against shocks, impacts and vibrations
  •   Wooden furniture have a smooth finishing, giving them a sophisticated look
  •  Their sturdy construction ensures optimal longevity with minimal maintenance requirements
  •   These can blend in flawlessly with other furnishings in a house, while maintaining their original charm.

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