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5 Points to Look for Before Buying Water Heaters

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Water heaters have their respective applications at domestic and individual levels. Wherein, seasonal change cause the direct impact on their usage and power bills. To overcome these two situation one must consider some factors before buying water heater for home or industry. At domestic level, water heaters are installed for heating water for cooking, bathing, cleaning and washing. Whereas, hot waters and steam are used for various industrial applications.
Water Heater
Water Heater
Investing in water heating system that is capable of providing enough hot water for required application with energy saving feature makes a wise decision. However, the purchase decision must be made after considering the following factors.

1. Needed Capacity

First comes the capacity as most water heaters are sold on the basis of gallons of water they can hold. The size of family and utilities area also define the capacities of water heater. For instance, a family of 4 needs water for several showers, daily wash a load of laundry and run dishwasher, giving a total of more than 100 gallons of water. The family needs about 60 gallons capacity of water tank which have good heating rate.

2. Heater Types

There are several types of water heaters available in the market. One can install them depending upon their usage and functionality. There are storage water heater and on-demand water heaters. Former have an attached insulated tank for storing hot water until used. The latter don't store hot water, rather water passes through series of coils within the unit and hot water comes out of tap.
Water Heaters
Water Heaters
3. Choice of Fuel

Water heaters are available in many specifications among them operating on various fuel option is of one types. There are water heaters that operate on electricity, gas/propane, solar energy and hybrid fuel.
  • Electric water heaters is less expensive than other types and uses one or two heating elements for heating water.
  • Gas or propane water heater is equipped with a burner to heat water. These types of water heaters are more expensive and energy efficient than electric heaters.
  • Solar water heater uses solar energy to heat water and provide an energy efficient alternative for both domestic and industrial applications.
  • Hybrid water heater use energy from air to heat water. These are large in size, more expensive yet save more energy than any other type.
4. Additional Features

Nowadays, water heaters come with various features in addition to warranty, long lasting and rust proof body. One can get water heaters with Dry-fire protection, glass-lined tank, digital display, remote operating, WiFi module to control heating mechanism.

5. Safety Concern

Using a water heater can create a fatal conditions if necessary safety precautions are not taken while manufacturing, installing or operating them. It is recommended to buy water heater from certified water heater manufacturers.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Handicrafts: Art In It's Most Unadulterated Form

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The word handicrafts encompasses a wide variety of work where useful as well as decorative objects are made by hand or only by using the simplest of tools. Handicrafts are generally made from textiles, moldable materials as well as from rigid materials. An important thing to note here is the fact that handicrafts have their roots in rural crafts and have been made since the ancient ages, an example being dhokra ( a type of metal casting) that has been used in India for over 4000 years. All this history attached with handicrafts certainly gives them a unique charm and is one of the major reasons for people's fascination with them, irrespective of their culture, occupation, age, gender etc.
Handicrafts are ideal to use for decorative purposes, informative purposes etc. in a wide range of places, whether it be living spaces, working spaces, public places etc. Another indisputable fact is that the usage of handicraft enhances the overall decor of any place, making it look unique and people friendly. Although handicrafts are loved by almost everyone, some people are handicraft connoisseurs, going to great lengths and spending a great deal of resources to acquire them. Some notable examples of handicrafts are vintage carved horn bird, handmade round diya, steel shield, wooden coasters etc.

Indian Handicrafts That Are Popular The World Over

India has a rich history of handicrafts dating back to over 4000 years. There are innumerable references to our handicrafts being sought after even in the ancient and medieval ages. Some Indian handicrafts that are widely popular across the globe are as follows,
  1.  East and north east Indian handicrafts such as the famed madhubani painting of Bihar, artistic textile weaving and wood carving of Meghalaya etc.
  2.  West Indian handicrafts such as bandhani, shellac bangles of Gujarat, kolhapuri chappals of Maharashtra etc.
  3.  North Indian handicrafts such as phulkari ( duppattas with mirror embroideries) of Rajasthan, rugs having spectacular geometric designs of Haryana, enameled jewellery of Uttar Pradesh etc.
  4.  South Indian handicrafts such as silk sarees of Tamil Nadu, woodcraft of Karnataka etc.
5 Places In India That Are Globally Renowned For Their Handicrafts
  1.     Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh
  2.     Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu
  3.     Pipli, Orissa
  4.     Sualkuchi, Assam
  5.     Changthang region, Ladakh

Every country takes initiatives with regards to promoting it's handicrafts. The initiatives range in the form of providing support to increase global awareness about the handicrafts, undertaking events such as handicraft exhibitions, providing incentives to increase the sale of handicrafts and many more. The Indian government is also putting the requisite focus on increasing the global awareness about handicrafts, since it realizes that India with a documented history of over 5000 years has a lot to offer to the world. One more important fact to note here is that the primary reason for every country to promote it's handicrafts is the fact that handicrafts play a very important role in increasing it's soft power.

Friday, 13 October 2017

10 Must Have Home Decor Items!

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We all have obsessions for decorating our home. The concept of HOME is a canvas for memory for each of us....because our life HAPPENS there! We not only live at home, we feel love, enjoy and celebrate events, create memories, support each other in the time of hardship and most importantly grow within these walls.
home decor items
home decor items
It is only WE who know the emotions, attachments and celebrations lived and enjoyed by us. The furniture, curtains and small decorative items in our homes speaks aloud about our personality, taste and preferences in addition to our emotions and memory.

So, proceed in a right way and bring beautiful things under one roof. Scroll through the blog to understand the importance of home decor items.

1) Classic Furniture & Sitting Accessories

Our home is also a home for the furniture. A lot of space is held by wordrobes, sofa, coffee table, recliners, bedside drawers and wall shelves and racks. The newly arrived collections rest the case of being a classic, elegant, beautiful and space saving solutions.

2) All Time Cushions & Throws

Replacing cushion covers and throws from time to time provide a quickest and easiest home decor. Nothing looks better than customized cushion and throws with innovative ideas and bright colors on sofas or recliners.

3) Light & Cozy Curtains

Curtains are the next important element of home decor. They add a life in lifeless home. One can experiment with combinations of various colors and beautiful patterns for different rooms or just opt for the same design for the entire home.

4) Wall Decals & Wallpapers

The wall is like a canvas! Paint your imagination with beautiful colors, textured prints, chalkboard wall or paste wallpapers on wall. Trust me, it will be fun and creative way of decorating walls. Moreover, you can paint the walls on theme basis like toon themes for kids, warn tones for bedrooms, floral themes for living rooms and along with checks and polka dots themes for laundry rooms.

5) Say Yes To Decoratives or Artworks
Big-sized artworks to small-sized home decor items, all looks amazing in any type of interior setup. There available a wide range to choose from – statues, animal figures, flower vases, waterfalls to lavish canvas paintings, abstract art, Warli art or other traditional artworks.
house decor items
house decor items
6) Magical Decorative Mirrors

There is a secret science for adding mirrors within homes. They are added to create an illusion for the eyes and increase the reflection of lights within rooms. If you have a room which is dimensionally small, then place a big-sized decorative on the wall and see the MAGIC!

7) Indian Handicrafts & Chandelier

Adding hand crafted home decor items to table tops, corners of walls or dining and living rooms will completely change the face of a room. The beautiful hanging chandelier combines the warmth of gentle breeze and ceiling fan becomes a beautiful centerpiece for any room.

8) Bright Lights & Decorative Lamps

Let the light come! Lightning is one of the coolest part of home decor item which can be done in either of manner. Giving a way for natural sunlight into rooms or kitchen tops the charts. Bright and colorful lighting accessories along with lamps, lanterns or newest-in-list LED lights can also be added to make the rooms bright.

9) Fresh Flowers & Indoor Plants

Everyone has a soft corner for nature. The options are endless for your indoor plants and fresh floors on table tops. Flowering plants can also be planted in balconies to make the environment more cool and happening. You can also opt for kitchen gardening by planting herbs or veggies.

10) Carpets and Rugs For Floors
A home lacks a factor of coziness and excitement without the carpets. Rugs and carpets completes the home decor in a true sense. These divine pieces of art are very comfortable and soft to walk on as well as lighten-up the floor with their designs and colors

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Bold and Beautiful Trends of Leather Purses

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We all have a finite amount of money to spend on our wardrobes, and if nothing else, a bag is a great diversion. Nothing looks more classic and sophisticated than leather purses as they reflect the great combination of grace and toughness. There are array of leather purses manufacturers that present fresh trends of purses. Shop some and take them to the workplace or dinner, believe it or not ? people would treat you differently.
No outfit is ever complete without a matching purse and getting all of them is quite challenging. If you own some bag in multiple colors, size it is never going to be counted as ridiculous or wasteful of money. At some point of time you may like to pair your leather bag with pink dress, so other times you may love to carry big green leather purse with the same dress. Though choosing a right bag for an occasion is like getting a real deal. One can opt for leather purses that never goes off the trend. There are purses and wallets for sophisticated girl, designer leather purses for fashionistas as well as bold collections for working ladies.

Various Trends of Leather Purses

These days, leather purses are available in an array of styles, colors and sizes each of them having their own sense of appeal. These purses make a great fashion accessory to be taken to a public gathering, shopping or office. As there designs are simply classy and have room for comfort and convenience.
Plain or patterned, bucket or sling, large or small, the collection of leather bags is for all. Go and discover the one which suits you the best. If you are the one who love to carry personal stuff with you then feed your obsession with large leather tote bags. If you are in search for a bag for an evening party, leather clutch would be your pick. While a mid-size satchel is great for everyday use. The collection of leather purses is not limited to pretty ladies. Men can also find a bag for carrying a laptop to office along with a sling bag for traveling purpose. Leather wallets for men are also calls off the carrying cash and cards in a trendy way.

Just remember, if there are requirements so there are leather purses and wallets to create your awesome look!

Some Information About Hotel Furniture

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To give the hotel a modern and trendy look or to a traditional or vintage look, the most important components are the Hotel Furniture. The hotel owners need to select the right kind of furniture of the hotels. Usually what catches the eyes of the visitors are first is the ambience of the hotels and its rooms and also the comfort provided which solely depends on the furniture of the hotel.
Hotel Furniture
Hotel Furniture
Important Aspects of Choosing The Right Furniture

While choosing the right Hotel Furniture one has to keep a lot of things in mind. The first and foremost factor to be considered is that how many spaces are to be filled and decorated. Usually the areas to be covered are the lobby of the hotel, the bar, the garden area, pool area, furniture around the spa and many more.

Suppose if the lobby of the hotel is considered, the first impression the visitors gets about the hotel is by looking and visiting the lobby. So, one needs to be very careful while choosing the right furniture for the lobby of the hotel. The furniture should be elegant, unique, classy and beautiful as it reflects the taste of the owners. In fact the hotels owners can also take ideas from various other hotels. That will surely give an idea about what goes and what doesn’t go with your hotel rooms and hotel interiors.
Hotel Room Furniture
Hotel Room Furniture
Determinants To Keep In Mind

There are certain determinant and things to consider while choosing the Hotel Furniture. These determinants are as follows
  • Look – Based on the types of look one need, there are certain types to be considered. The hotel can have certain looks like trendy, classy, traditional and modern.
  • Target Client – Based on the target client whether business class, families or young genre, the types of furniture can surely be chosen.
  • Budget – This is surely an important factor to consider as based on the amount of money, the types of furniture can be chosen.
  • Location – The location can obviously be an important determinant in choosing the hotel furniture. Like if the climate has moisture quantity, then it is not advisable to choose wooden furniture.
One should always purchase Hotel Furniture from reputed dealers who will surely guarantee about the quality and durability. Furniture Distributors are also available online and in the local market. In most cases long term relationship with one particular vendor may be useful as it can help you get discounted rates.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Beautiful and Elegant Decorative Items to Give a Nice Home Makeover

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Decorative items are very useful items for decorating home, office give a nice makeover. There are various types of decorative items available on the online stores. Online shopping of Decorative Items are very useful and effortless because they give ample branded item to choose from and easy payment options like online payments with credit and debit cards and pay on delivery. Good decorative items include curtains, wall hangings, cushion covers, flower vase, show piece and many more.

Decorative Items
Decorative Items

Decorative items can be expensive and cheap depending on their brand. Many online stores are offer special and seasonal discounts for the premium membership holders.

Interior Designing: Interior designing with the help of various Decorative Items implies proper emphasis on Planning, effective and Functional design. Using of space in cleaver way involves skill and knowledge about the profession and budget plan for interior decorating. An experienced interior designer can undertake such venture that take in planning the basic importance of spaces within small flat or big buildings as well decorating home and decorating office is totally different issue.

Benefits: Decorating and designing require an understanding of practical issues such as budget, space, lighting, temperature and most important choosing the right items for decoration. Interior designing can create a vast impact on the mood of the people who lives in that house. The color of the walls, lighting with sufficient light and electrical goods are also fall under interior designing. One can choose the particular theme of the house and according to that. Online websites have their own interior designers who can give tips on how to choose correct Decorative Items for their home.

decorative items
decorative items

Official decorative items are popular to give a sophisticated and classy look to the office environment and also can solve the purpose. Such items include pen stand, wall hanging, paper weight, basket holders, lamp shades and many more. Commercial area like hotel, shopping malls, laboratories, clubs and many more. All different places need different decorative items.

Residential: Residential decorative items are very good items used for home decorating purpose like curtains, bed sheets, cushion covers, lamp shades, sanitary fittings, show piece, wall hangings and many more. Home decor items are no available at best price in the websites also. Interior designers can work to remodel and give a complete makeover to the home by using top quality decorative items. Theses decorative items can be made from, glass, wood, bamboo, wire and from waste materials also. Recycled products are very good choice for decorating.

Decorative items are eco friendly non toxic items which are extremely weather proof and long lasting. One must go through all the available products from various websites to do a detailed research on these items to buy the right item form the retailers. Decorative items can be of different items like they can be of separate styles, patterns, and that’s why highlighting the special corner with right decorative item is essential. In educational institutions also some different kinds of items are used like wall clock, charts, table cloth, basket, file holders and lots more.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Important Information Related With Activated Carbon

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Defined as a form of carbon which is processed in order to riddle with low volume and small pores, Activated Carbon can be stated as a major example of product used for purification purposes. These are also known as activated charcoal and also carbon activates and help in increasing the surface area which is used for different chemical reactions or absorption purposes. In certain cases, the word activated can be seen substituted with active. One gram of this carbon product comprises of a surface area of 500 meter square due to the present of large rate of micro porosity.

Activated Carbon
Activated Carbon

The activated level can easily work well from high surface area even though specific chemicals are used in order to enhance the absorption properties. This product is generally derived from charcoal.

Production of Activated Carbon:

Activated carbon can be defined as a form of carbon which is produced from the carbonaceous materials such as coconut husk, wood, nutshells, peat, lignite, coir, petroleum pitch and more. These products can be processed by following these fields:
  • Chemical activation: Before carbonization, raw materials are saturated with specific chemicals. This field is acid in nature along with a strong base and salt. After impregnation, this field is carbonized at lower temperatures as the process of carbonization works simultaneously with other chemical reactions as well.
  •  Physical activation: the main source material can be seen activated and developed into carbons with the help of different hot gases. This can take place with the help of few major chemical processes namely carbonization or activation and oxidation.

Classification of Activated Carbon:
  •  GAC or Granular Activated Carbon: The particle size is somewhat larger when compared with the powered carbons and also comprises of smaller external surfaces. Therefore, the diffusion purposes of absorbate rate are somewhat important in this regard. Thus, these carbons are generally preferred for absorption of different vapors and gases, as the rate is quite faster. These carbons are used for deodorization, water treatment, separation of components and also for fast mix basins.
  •   PAC and BAC: PACs available in powdered form and in granular forms as well which are 1.0 mm in size and the average diameter varies in between 0.15 mm and 0.25 mm. Also known as bead activated carbon, BAC is made out of petroleum pitch and the diameter ranges from 0.35 to 0.80 mm.
There are different other types of Activated Carbon available as well and some of those are Polymer coated carbon, Impregnated carbon, extruded activated carbon and more.

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